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What is an End-Of-Life Doula
& Etheric Healer

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An End-of-Life (EOL), or Death, Doula is someone who makes themselves available to assist a dying individual and their family before, during, and after a death takes place to provide physical, emotional, psychological, and sometimes even spiritual support if requested. An EOL doula generally assists with a host of different services that can vary depending upon individual circumstances, but they usually seek to provide a holistic, hands-on, non-medical approach to aid the natural process of dying for an individual and their families. The intent of a death doula is to help fill the support gap between the family, nurses, doctors, other professionals, and eventually other individuals whose functions begin after death occurs. End-of-life (EOL) doulas do not provide any medical care and do not give medical advice.

  • For the dying individual: An EOL Doula can provide companionship, respite care, legacy plan development, help getting affairs in order, researching professional guidance, etc. whether in the family's home, hospice, hospital or some other setting.  Among many things, this may include sitting with the dying person for company; actively listening to his or her comments; conversing and attempting to offer answers/comfort to the individual's questions/concerns/needs; watching television or reading a book aloud; discussing end-of-life wishes; helping the dying individual resolve/find peace about real or perceived wrongs; providing energy sessions to help with stress and potentially pain, relief. I also am trained to do etheric clearings of the Morphogenic Body to clear stored trauma in your DNA and ancestral line. In addition to cleansing and purifying the physical body to heal physical illnesses, it is recommended that you also do energetic clearings to cleanse the morphogenic body back to the etheric level to clear out any stored DNA trauma that comes from your past lives and family ancestral lines. Many times, physical illness is tied to an energetic misalignment in one of the energetic bodies. It's literally stored in the energy field, DNA, and frequencies of your body. If you only release the physical piece, and the energetic side isn’t addressed during life or before the time of passing, sometimes a physical ailment can come back (i.e. such as when cancer comes out of remission) later in life or your next life. Let's clear the blockages so you can live a more balanced life now, and in your next reincarnation, free from stored trauma, regrets, and other energetic baggage. Don't take it with you or pass it further down the ancestral lines.

  • For the family members: Whether in the family's home, hospice, hospital, or some other setting, a death doula can provide continuity throughout the transition of the death process (before and after). This may include performing various basic tasks usually conducted by a home caregiver; staying with the dying individual while family members are away; facilitating supportive communication and/or conversations between all parties; assisting in the creation of meaningful goodbyes during the remaining hours of life; serving as a resource for funeral/interment planning and finding resources, making sure all necessary paperwork is in order; and others.

Reasons to hire a death doula or etheric Healer:

  • You don’t have a lot of support, you need additional support, or the support that you have doesn’t agree with your wishes.

  • You don’t want your family to have to deal with the logistical side of death.

  • You want to provide support to your family or primary caregiver as they care for you and after the death transition.

  • Death doulas can hold space for any emotion that you may be feeling; you can scream, cry, or laugh together. 

  • Death doulas can help you create a legacy project to share your life story with your family. 

  • Death doulas can help you create your plan for your vigil or life celebration.

  • Death doulas can help you take back control in what can sometimes be an overwhelming process.

  • Some Death Doulas can help clear stored individual or familial traumas, and karmic debt held in your DNA and Morphogenic field so you more to the next incarnation free and clear of baggage.

Initial Consultations are Free. Sliding-fee-scale is available upon request.

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