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Welcome to Mystic Steppingstones 

As an End-of-Life Doula and Shadow Healer, I offer a comprehensive range of essential services to provide unwavering support for you and your loved ones during challenging times.


Shadow Healing Sessions: These sessions are designed to bring balance to your life by facilitating the release of stored trauma, karmic debt, and feelings of regret, unworthiness, and not being seen or heard. Shadow work involves exploring the darker, often hidden aspects of ourselves—our fears, regrets, and unfulfilled desires. For those facing the end of life, this introspective journey can bring profound healing, acceptance, and a deeper sense of peace.


- End-of-Life Doula Services: I provide compassionate emotional, spiritual, and practical support to those nearing the end of their life. I work with you to provide comfort, assist in creating meaningful moments, and ensure that the dying process is as peaceful and dignified as possible. This support can include advance care planning, client advocacy, vigil services, development of a legacy project, energy sessions for peace, stress reduction, potential pain relief, shadow work, as well as post-death support. 


- Advanced Care Planning: Let me assist in ensuring your affairs are in order by helping create a comprehensive support plan, reviewing essential documents, creating a vigil plan, and developing a legacy project to preserve your story for future generations. Let's review & update your plans, evaluate your personal goals, discuss your preferences, and document your wishes so you are seen, heard, and acknowledged while reducing the burden during difficult times.


- Client Advocate & Care Liaison: Acting as your dedicated liaison, I offer care coordination, meet your needs, provide information, and facilitate communication during overwhelming times for you and your family.


- Post-Death Transition and Grief Support: I provide compassionate assistance to your family in coordinating care, making funeral arrangements, writing obituaries, and offering emotional support.


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