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Welcome to Mystic Steppingstones 

As an End-of-Life Doula and Shadow Healer, I offer a comprehensive range of essential services to provide unwavering support for you and your loved ones during challenging times.


- Shadow Healing Sessions: These sessions are designed to bring balance to your life by facilitating the release of stored trauma, karmic debt, and feelings of regret and unworthiness. I see you let; me assist you in clearing the shadows from your etheric body. By shedding these energetic blockages, you can unveil your true-life purpose and embrace your authentic self.


- End-of-Life Doula Services: I provide compassionate support and guidance, including advance care planning, client advocacy, vigil services, development of a legacy, energy sessions for peace, stress reduction, and potential pain relief, as well as post-death support.


- Advanced Care Planning: Let me assist in ensuring your affairs are in order by helping create a comprehensive support plan, reviewing essential documents, creating a vigil plan, and developing a legacy project to preserve your story for future generations.


- Client Advocate & Care Liaison: Acting as your dedicated liaison, I offer care coordination, meet your needs, provide information, and facilitate communication during overwhelming times for you and your family.


- Post-Death Transition and Grief Support: I provide compassionate assistance to your family in coordinating care, making funeral arrangements, writing obituaries, and offering emotional support.


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