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Welcome to Mystic Steppingstones 

End-Of-Life Doula, Etheric Healer, Advance Care Planner,

and Client Advocate, 


As an End-of-Life Doula and Etheric Healer, I am here to assist you with the following Services:

 ~ Advanced Care Planning - let me help you get your affairs in order. Do you have a     Durable Power-of-Attorney (POA)? A Medical POA? Your Will? Your care services plan? What is your vigil plan - who do you want there during your last hours? What do you want your celebration of life to look like? I can help you figure out what you need, what resources to contact, and develop your plan. Let me help you in developing a legacy project to capture your story to share with your family.

 ~ Respite Care/Vigil Care/Companion Care - Everyone needs some additional support. Let me spend time with your loved one while you take a break whether at home or in hospice. I can spend time with you if you require additional support to talk to, listen to, or help around the house. Let me support you and your family during the final hours.

 ~ Client Advocate - Care Liaison - let me be a liaison for you and your family with coordination for care, needs, information, and communication when things get too overwhelming.

 ~ Etheric Healing and Energy Sessions - Let's clear the blockages so you can live a more balanced, stress-free, and potentially pain-free life now, and in your next reincarnation, free from stored trauma, regrets, and other energetic baggage. Don't take it with you or pass it further down the ancestral lines.

 ~ Post-Death Transition and Grief Support - let me provide support for your family with assistance in a compassionate, caring manner to coordinate caring for the body, coordination with the funeral home, writing the obituary, or just acting as a support person.

Additionally, I can assist you with any Grant Writing or Necessary Application filing within the Federal or State Government agencies. With more than 24 years of Government Administration experience, I can help you research the information and resources you need.


  I am dedicated to making each step of the dying process as smooth as possible in a caring compassionate manner and to help you take back control during what can often be an overwhelming time as well as help clear your Morphogenic Field to the Etheric Level to remove stored trauma in your DNA and ancestral line, so you pass on to your next soul step free of past life baggage and karmic debt.

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